Sefac Go-No-Go Caliper

Sefac has issued the following advisory:

Go-no-go caliper for bronze nut wear control advisory

Please insert the go-no-go caliper between the bronze nut and steel safety nut. The caliper must fit in the gap. If it does not and the clearance is below .08 inches or 2mm replace both the bronze and steel safety nut. Do not operate the lift if the caliper does not fit in the gap.
Danger to the operator and lift could result!
Please check this gap at intervals of once every month!

Contact OLS Service for additional information.

Yearly Service Contract

The OLS annual service contract insures the highest available level of safety and convenience for your heavy duty mobile lift equipment. Performed 3 or 4 times a year it includes:

Full Preventative Maintenance Visit
Complete Safety Inspection
All labor and travel fees
Written report on all findings and work performed
Copy of the inspection sheet

For more information, please contact OLS Service.

20 Point Inspection

OLS Service uses a comprehensive 20 point inspection to insure safety and proper operation of your heavy duty mobile lift equipment. The following elements of your equipment are carefully checked:

    Hydraulic Pump
    Plugs (insert and hoods)
    Control Boxes (master and secondary)
    Hely Cords
    Power Cord and Plug
    Light Bulbs
    Motor and Brake
    Protection Bands
    Upper Limit Switch
    Lower Limit Switch
    Nut Wear Sensor Switch
    Nut There Sensor Switch
    Inner Rollers
    Outer Rollers
    Lifting Screw
    Bronze Nut Gaps (all lifts)
    Any Abnormal Noises
    Grease Thrust Bearing
    Check Lube Cup (full or replace)

Contact OLS Service to schedule an inspection for your equipment

Sefac Fault Reset Procedure

Caution, if your equipment shows a fault condition:

Fault resets must only be performed by a qualified responsible operator. Faults appear if there is something that is not operating properly. Resetting a fault without identifying the cause could be dangerous for the lift or for the users.


The fault reset will be effective only if the four conditions below are met:
• The FAULT light is illuminated
• Only the two Up and Down push buttons of primary control box are valid.
• Both the UP and DOWN buttons must be activated within a very small time (0.4 seconds.)
• Both the UP and DOWN buttons must be activated for two seconds

Sefac Lifts Caution

Lubrication Requirements

The lifting screw in this lifting system must be properly lubricated with a quality #2 multi-purpose Lithium Complex grease. (Grainger Part Number is 1MUC1) Grease must be kept filled in grease cups and cleaned twice per year. If you have automatic grease system (greases cartridge) must be replaced every year.

Manually check lifting screw periodically to make sure it is well lubricated.

Bronze Nut

The Bronze Nut at 4mm (.16 inch) maximum clearance between the bronze lifting nut and the safety steel follower nut can be checked by means of a .16 feeler gauge or the no go no key on the side of safe lift. If clearance falls below 2mm (.08 inches), then the bronze nut and safety nut assembly must be replaced as a matched set.

Periodically check the gap beteen the bronze nut and steel safety nut 4 times per year.

Support Thrust Bearing

Twice per year, lubricate the support thrust bearing through the zerk fitting located at the top of the main lifting screw. Quality #2 multipurpose Lithium Complex grease (Grainger Part Number is 1MUC1) is acceptable.

All Other Bearings and reduced are greased for life and require no maintenance.

Qualified Repair Service

Service on Sefac Lift System is once a year with a complete maintenance inspection by a qualified Repair Maintenance Person.

Contact OLS Service if you have any maintenance questions, or need service parts.